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Damaged Your Wooden Worktop? We Can Help

Last Saturday I woke at a friend’s house feeling rather lethargic and not quite so together – self-inflicted from a late night – my hair was a mess and I looked quite the character in my red reindeer pyjama bottoms (they’re my partners so no judging please!). I walked out onto the landing and came face to face with my friend who looked pretty similar to myself! “Tea?!” We mumbled.. Read More

Anmer Hall’s 500 Year Old Oak Tree

The myth of cheap goods from China and the Far East, and more recently from Eastern Europe, is finally collapsing.  Having had years of importing deflation, whilst blindly exporting hard currency, suddenly we wake up to the fact that they have all our money, and all the drivel we bought needs replacing. The market is finally waking up to the realisation that actually a purchase like a kitchen must be.. Read More

Snow At Norfolk Oak’s Anmer Hall Office

Over the Christmas period everyone was waiting in anticipation for the snow to fall enabling us to have that perfect festive feel. Soon, however, Christmas and New Year passed without a snowflake in sight. It looked as if the traditional snowman building was to be put aside and that our umbrellas would be fully utilised. Each year I hope for snow and this year would be no exception, so you.. Read More

Buying A Wooden Worktop

Firstly, congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision that you will treat yourself to the kitchen that you have desired for what feels like an eternity. It was an arduous conclusion to come to but now, at last, you are able to indulge feelings of excitement and creativity; well, until that moment when you realise that you are now faced with the daunting prospect of more, apparently, difficult decisions. Well, worry not, I.. Read More

A New Year, A New You, But What About Your Home?

It’s a New Year and with that holds the excitement of new things to come;in the moments before the clock strikes midnight we reflect on the previous year, the things we’re proud of, the regrets we may have and the goals we’d like to take with us in to the New Year. When the New Year arrives it can be hard to know where to begin implementing the new goals that you’ve set yourself. You are feeling.. Read More

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