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Proudly made in Norfolk

Custom Made Wooden Kitchen Worktops

One of the things that I love most about design is the ability to create someone’s vision. The power of turning an idea in to a reality is something that excites me. There is nothing more fulfilling than being given that initial brief and having surplus design ideas moving around your head. At Norfolk Oak we have the luxury of helping make your design ideas become a reality. Manufacturing everything.. Read More

Norfolk Oak Flooring and Stair Parts

At the weekend my partner and I decided to venture out to the city of Ely. Not long ago we spoke of how there are some amazing historical locations on our doorstep that we take for granted and yet never visit. It was as a result of this conversation that we decided that we should get into our car and put action to our words. Once our tour of Oliver.. Read More

Drying Timber For Use In Our Wooden Worktops

Recently my partner and I started to look in to buying our first home together.  Having studied Interior Architecture at university it is fair to say that I am going to be the picky one in this process. I love everything design related and as my other half so politely put it, I am a nightmare when it comes to choosing a home. One thing I do know however is.. Read More

Specialist Gluing Techniques For Our Wooden Worktops

A few nights ago I was in the middle of constructing an architecture model. I was in the process of gluing the internal walls when, rather frustratingly I glued my thumb and forefinger together with my rather strong super glue. For those of you that make models you will be aware of this nuisance (either that or I have no elegance when making models!). So as I battled trying to.. Read More

Have You Considered End Grain Worktops?

Recently, I blogged to you all about our various Stave Styles that we offer here at Norfolk Oak and how they differ from one another. I spoke (typed!) about our Classic Wide Block, Traditional Plank and Super Stave options and it wasn’t until this morning that it occurred to me that I was yet to speak to you about our glorious End Grain. Now it wasn’t mentioned previously because I.. Read More

My Worktop Looks Fantastic But How Do I Install It?

My parents recently invested in some new kitchen worktops. I came home to see them one evening and the moment my foot stepped through the door my dad popped his head out from inside the living room and excitedly declared that they had done it; they had bought a new kitchen worktop! Naturally I was excited for them – this has been long overdue but then reality started to sink.. Read More

What Are Wooden Worktop Stave Patterns?

Here in the office we always like to ask each other questions. This can range from personal interests – for example Victoria is off out for dinner with the girls tonight, Ami has taken up a new interest of bopping away in Zumba classes and I am back in the swimming pool – to more work related topics. We recently queried what we thought our most commonly asked questions were.. Read More

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