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How to clean a wooden worktop

It is important to take care with your wooden worktop, especially when cleaning it. If you are looking into cleaning your worktop; there are a few things you will have to take into consideration.

How Much Will My Worktop Change And Move?

Recently I made an observation that over time things can change, be it people, objects or nature. There are varying factors, both causal and non-causal, that can play a part in this process such as being exposed to different environments and situations. Sometimes there can be a large noticeable effect and other times the alterations are minimal. It could be someone’s mood that switches unexpectedly, it could be a flower.. Read More

Saving Money On Wooden Worktops

As I’m sure most of you who read my blogs will realise, my other half and I are a fairly busy couple that like to get out and about, generally just finding things to do that doesn’t involve sitting in at home – this is saved for our lazy Sunday evening’s! However doing all of the above comes with a price tag, or two and as we all know, these.. Read More

How Easy Is It To Maintain A Wooden Worktop?

Over the weekend most of us were lucky to experience a change in weather; the sun was shining and there was a warmth to it that gave us hope of spring. Not ones for staying inside this was a wonderful opportunity for my partner and I to go for a country drive. Taking it in turns to decide whether we went left or right we ended up not too far.. Read More

Hand Turned Wooden Knobs

Just before the Easter weekend my partner and I decided that we fancied a spontaneous yet convenient holiday. Thursday evening arrived and our plans were a work in progress. We fancied a break to a holiday village – it was a way of being able to have that holiday vibe without the long travel hours – so we rung up excited and eager to get things finalised. Only problem was.. Read More

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