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There are times when I finish work and all I want to do is go home and be a couch potato wrapped up in my rather expensive fluffy blanket with an easy read and a sneaky glass of wine while the fire crackles away. One of these days occurred recently. The only slight problem is that it means that I must make an essential stop to the shop on the.. Read More

Norfolk Oak’s Dark Coloured Wooden Worktops

Earlier this week I disclosed to you how bad I can be at making decisions. This led me to write a blog on the lightly coloured timbers that we offer here at Norfolk Oak. So I thought that today I would be in keeping with this earlier blog and write about our dark timbers so that you can get a fair idea of what wooden worktops we have available for.. Read More

Norfolk Oak’s Lightly Coloured Wooden Worktops

Those closest to me will know that when it comes to making decisions, especially in regards to food, I am terrible. I constantly chop and change and then just when I think I’ve come to a decision I abruptly change my mind. You see, the problem lies in there being so much choice. When fewer selections are available I find it easier to make a choice than when I have.. Read More

Norfolk Oak Bespoke Kitchens

As a designer I am constantly keeping a look out for different inspirational design ideas. My interests lay strongly in architectural design, both interior and exterior while also extending to landscape design. Due to this I find myself getting excited over things that many of my friends don’t – I am very much hoping that this is a design thing and that I am not alone in this. It would.. Read More

Norfolk Oak Clearance Event – My Favourite Products

Over the long weekend I made a visit to the city of Cambridgeshire. As the sun was shining I parked my car a distance away so I could enjoy a leisurely stroll in to the centre. The parks were filled with people playing sports and sunbathing, the rivers were full of punters and canoeists and the high streets were busy with shoppers. As I don’t live too far from Cambridge.. Read More

A Day In The Norfolk Oak Office, Anmer Hall,Norfolk

When I left the house this morning I opened the door to the beautiful sunshine and instantly felt its warmth on my face. I got in to my car, put on my sunglasses (any excuse) and turned up my music. I was in a great mood and as I was driving I thought about everybody else going about their daily routine. There are so many people in the world that.. Read More

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