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delivery information

Our delivery pricing is based on your order quantity and your location, please call or email us for an exact quotation. Please note some deliveries will take around a week to two weeks depending on complexity of the order, but most orders are delivered within a few days. It is also feasible that your delivery will be earlier than this depending on our delivery schedule.

Norfolk Oak is all about service, and that carries on particularly with our deliveries. We aim to use our own transport for 99% of our worktop deliveries. This means a 'door to door' service that is totally controlled by us. Deliveries can be booked on our soonest available slot to weeks in advance - entirely as it suits you. The day before delivery we can advise you roughly what time the delivery will take place. Our driver will aim to call you half an hour to an hour before arrival, so you don't have worry about missing the delivery if you have to pop out for ten minutes. We just ask that you are ready to take delivery, and have an area cleared ready for the worktops. You will need at least one able bodied person to help carry the worktops as all of the deliveries are single man only. With longer length worktops, 2 or more able bodied people are required. If you feel you will not be able to have enough able bodied people on hand on the agreed delivery date, or you have any concerns about how many people are required for the worktops you have ordered, please let our office know as soon as possible. The worktops are heavy, so the helpers need to be strong! We cannot allow pregnant ladies to help us under any circumstances. The driver will ask you to check the worktops and then to sign for them, and then it's all to you! Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure the person you designate is strong enough!

important delivery terms and conditions

** Please note: Someone must be available to sign for and check your order, as well as assist the delivery driver in unloading.**

Help must be provided by the Customer for unloading, and delivery is to the door only for health and safety reasons. Please note that someone will be required to sign for and carefully check the goods; if no one is available to help unload and / or sign for the goods, re-delivery will result in a re-delivery charge equal to the original cost of delivery. Norfolk Oak deliveries are made by one man only. The customer agrees there will be someone competent available to help with the unloading of the worktops or other goods. Norfolk Oak worktops can be extremely heavy; it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the designated helper is strong enough / fit enough to help with the delivery. Norfolk Oak Ltd cannot be held liable for any injury to persons unloading the delivery no matter how caused. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the unloading area and drop off point are suitable.

If there is any damage to the delivery, you must sign for it as damaged and contact us immediately.

**Please note: Unless pre-installation oiled, your worktops must be oiled immediately - not doing so may result in heat or moisture damage to your worktops.**

Full information regarding our delivery policy may be found in our Terms & Conditions.

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