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hardwood briquettes

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Our quality hardwood briquettes are the best on the market, why?


We machine only the best hardwoods which means that our briquettes are made up of the finest Oak (60%), Black walnut (30%) Maple and Cherry (10%). All of our raw material is kiln dried in the USA to around 7 percent - much lower than European timber, resulting in a completely bone dry briquette, which leaves virtually no residual ash, burns with almost zero smoke (no more soot in your chimney), but most importantly means you are buying almost pure energy to burn, over 6 kWh per kg, making these the most energy packed briquettes on the market.


Our briquette system is made by RUF, the premier briquette systems manufacturer. With more than 40 years experience in this field, it results in a product that is of consistent, superior quality. What does this mean for you? It means that our briquettes won't fall apart and degrade like briquettes that come from cheaper machines, making them more compact and easier to stack, plus they burn hot and slow. In fact they burn just as hot as high quality coal.


We only briquette our own sawdust and shavings which is a waste by-product from the thousands of bespoke oak worktops and furniture we produce each year. As a result we have installed a dust extraction system that covers our entire workshop and feeds directly into our briquette system. By eliminating dirty and potentially dangerous wood dust from our workshop, it has reduced the risk of damaging machinery or affecting the health of our employees and visitors. The briquettes are made on site, meaning there is no additional carbon footprint in taking them to a second site for processing. As burning wood is carbon neutral (wood only releases the carbon it originally absorbed) the carbon footprint in manufacturing our briquettes is as small as it can possibly be.


Because we only use our own saw dust, it means the briquettes are composed only of the high quality hardwood that we use for our furniture and worktops. We do not buy in additional cheap waste like softwood shavings, cardboard or rag because mixing in softwood shavings reduces the quality; our hardwood briquette is therefore top of the line. A softwood briquette may be the same weight but it produces much less heat, for a shorter amount of time, and as such is significantly lower value. In other words, they are truly not made of the same stuff as ours.

stacked hardwood briquettes burning wooden briquettes stacked hardwood briquettes fireplace

How do I get them?

Our briquettes come in robust rubble bags each weighing approximately 20 kg. We use plastic rubble bags as they reliably keep the briquettes dry during delivery. Since the briquettes are brick shaped, you can stack them easily (and neatly!), and look fantastic next to any fire-burning device.

Delivery is by palette only. We are happy to do overnight delivery, just ask for us a quote as this price is based on normal delivery. The cost is based on most UK addresses, but if you are in the deep west country, Wales or north of York, or anywhere where there is an issue of slightly higher delivery, do call us just to check the rate.

Payment - we take debit or credit card over the phone. Alternatively cash on collection is fine - we still have to charge VAT, but it's only at the 5% rate. Any questions please just give us a call or email.

Weight Quantity (approximate) Price
10 kg (sample pack) 8 £20 inc. delivery
100 kg 75 £60
260 kg 195 £120
500 kg 375 £210
1000 kg 750 £375
10 kg Sample pack of briquettes includes delivery.
Delivery costs are based on your location, Please contact us for price.
Prices include domestic rate VAT at 5%.

Please note we sell our briquettes by weight, not by number of briquettes as the sizes vary.

Delivery is by pallet, and to the kerbside only. The delivery company are not able to drive onto your property or drive.

Loose briquette bags

We also sell 450kg loose briquettes bags for just £160 + £25 bag deposit.
The briquettes are packaged in builders bags which require a deposit which is refundable upon return. Loose bags are collection only and will require an appropriate trailer or van.

briquettes bulk bag

Hardwood Kindling

While you’re at it, why not pick up a bag of our kiln dried, hardwood kindling. Perfect for creating a roaring fire, our kindling will create a white hot core in minutes, providing a great base to put our hardwood briquettes on, or your own wood. Ready to go straight out of the packet, our carbon-neutral kindling is made from the same timber as our worktops, which means they are made from the finest hardwoods in the world.

Guaranteed to instantly burn, our hardwood kindling is dried to the same percentage (7%) as our timber. Using wood that contains a high moisture content will not burn efficiently or even at all, and creates a significant amount of soot and tar, resulting in chimney fires and other expensive damage. As wet kindling doesn’t burn well, it can smoke the house out and cause extra pollution.

With Norfolk Oak providing the finest hardwood briquettes and kindling on the market, the only other items you need are newspaper and matches for a hassle free, carbon-neutral, red hot fire.

Weight: 10kg
Price: £20

hardwood kindling

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