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nano-coating treatment


The Difference It Makes

  • Stunning, Natural Finish

The surface takes on a beautiful, smooth finish, while the natural colour of the wood is enhanced, bringing out the unique grain from our FSC certified timber.

  • Best In Market Protection

Once cured, the wood becomes a much harder surface, enabling it to withstand direct contact with soaps, dirt, and water. Our nano-coat treatment also contains anti-UV polyurethanes, resisting any yellowing and brittleness that other oils won’t protect from.

  • Longer Lasting and Easy to Maintain

With a hard wearing finish that triples the lifespan of the wood, a nano-coat treated worktop is wipe clean, easy to live with, and is simple to re-apply (if needed).

nano-coat table and bench

The Process

Norfolk Oak’s nano-coat treatment was designed to be the pinnacle of oiling technology, providing the best protection, the smoothest finish, with a low maintenance schedule. Improving the quality of our product is one of our main focuses and introducing the nano-coating as an oiling treatment has resulted in an unparalleled finish to our timber products.

'Nano-coating provides the best protection, the smoothest finish, and is simple to maintain'

Developed over a twenty year period, the nano-coating treatment is 21st century chemistry designed to provide the best protection for organic materials. Constructed from a special blend of resin and solvent, the solvent evaporates off, allowing the resin to completely soak into the wood. Instead of sitting on the surface, the resin provides a long lasting, protective surface that is water resistant; stopping algae and moss from growing, while also eliminating greying.

nano-coat oak worktop close-up
'The special blend of resin and solvent gives a long-lasting protective and fluid resistant surface'

Starting from a sanded down, smooth and scratch free surface, we apply the nano-coat treatment in three applications:

  • The first is a liberal coat to saturate the wood, slowly working along the grain, down the worktop.
  • The second treatment is a finer application that evens the variations in texture and porosity out.
  • Our final application is a nano-coat seal which provides a strong, reliable layer of protection from damaging stains, and brings out the stunning natural colour of the timber.

Due to its low-stress curing, both coats will significantly lower the porosity of the wood, making the wood less susceptible to water absorption, resulting in less warping.

'Nano-coating’s low-stress curing results in less warping'

To ensure an unbeatable finish, we de-nib the wood between every coat. We remove nibs, trapped in the grain, by lightly sanding down the surface to get a beautiful, smooth finish.

Nothing But The Best

Our nano-coating treatment outperforms all other resin based products, and other oils do not even compare to the level of surface protection that nano-coat treatment offers. The treatment protects against everyday household spillages such as grease, red wine, oil and water. As with all Norfolk Oak products, our nano-coat treatment is designed to withstand all that life throws at it. It withstands heat up to 250°C and can remain undamaged even if a hot pan is placed directly onto the surface for a short amount of time, although we would not recommend this.

nano-coat treatment kit
'Nano-coating is designed to withstand all that life throws at it'

We are always thinking of kitchen users, and their needs, whenever we are developing a product or process. First and foremost, our products must be easy to maintain throughout its life. With nano-coating, we have made a bespoke solid timber worktop easy to live with, as routine wiping is all that is required to remove stains and after severe use, wiping the surface with a small amount of final treatment coat restores the protection and finish.

'With nano-coating technology, we have made a bespoke solid timber worktop easy to live with'

Nano-coating reduces your use of chemical cleaners and cuts down on maintenance costs in the long term. As less cleaning and maintenance is required, nano-coating lowers your overall running costs over traditional, oiled-by-hand worktops.

Advisory: Nano-coating treatment offers the very best protection for your wooden worktops, however like all protective treatments, it does not completely seal the worktop. Care must still be taken as it is not a total surface barrier. Therefore, we recommend you immediately wipe up any spills and that you do not leave metal pans in contact with the worktop for long periods of time. Instead, why not specify your worktop with our hot rods or why not use one of our end grain chopping blocks as a worktop protector. Not only are they incredibly sturdy, they are beautiful as well and make an excellent trivet for hot pans.

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