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Pre-Installation Oiling

worktop oiling
'Pushing oiling technology to its limits'

We invested much of our time into pushing oiling technology to its limits, to provide your worktop with a stunning yet strong finish, and as a result, we have advanced our pre-installation oiling.

The oiling treatment is now applied in our enclosed finishing room, and to achieve the best finish, our experts are on-hand to check this vital process at certain stages.

wooden hardwood oiling
'A beautiful natural patina and an unbeatable quality'

Before we begin pre-installation oiling, your worktops will receive a final sanding for a smooth and even finish, the perfect surface for our oil to penetrate into.

The oil we use is an ultra-pure linseed based oil, which has a low protein content. It has no VOCs, and is simply lovely to work with. It's actually reminiscent of all those days oiling cricket bats at home. It nurtures and protects the timber, and gives the most amazing finish, with a beautiful natural patina and an unbeatable quality.

The next step involves sealing your worktop with flawless coats of oil. We carefully apply at least three coats to the face and back of the worktops, the end grain receives more. After a coat is applied, any excess is wiped off and we take the time to allow the coat to naturally dry, ensuring the oil hardens correctly. After each coat, the surface is then de-nibbed with fine sand-paper before the next coat is applied. The result is a beautiful and durable, high quality protective layer.

oiling worktops
'The perfect finish'

Our whole business philosophy revolves around quality; we don't take our time because we are slow, we take our time because that is what is needed to ensure the perfect finish.

Our pre-installation oiling ensures the oil penetrates the wood by several millimetres, and is evenly distributed across the surface of the worktop. From an aesthetic point of view, our pre-installation oiling provides the best finish that we have ever seen on a wooden worktop. Due to our method, the oil penetrates below the surface of the wood, making worktop maintenance far more convenient since the worktops will only require a minimal amount of oil applied once a year, and only in areas which see frequent wear.

With our pre-installation oiling, your worktop will arrive ready for you to install. Once the worktops are in place, the top and exposed edges will require a little further oiling, around 6 thin coats, and additional hand sanding to achieve the full protection and beautiful finish.

Full instructions are supplied with your order, or are available on our Oiling Instructions.

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