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Cleaning wooden worktops

Clean the worktops with a small amount of warm water using a soft dish cloth or sponge with a non-abrasive cleaner such as washing up liquid. Do not use any cleaners containing bleach.

An oiled worktop surface is water resistant but not water proof. Try to wipe up spills right away and no damage should occur. Do not allow liquids to stand for long periods of time. A well oiled worktop will resist staining well. However, if food and liquid stains such as red wine or curry are not coming off, don't worry as they will often only have stained the top layer of worktop oil. A quick, light sand just to take off the top layer and recoating of oil - the area will look good as new.

Sometimes small cracks may appear in the grain of the timber. This is entirely normal, and easily fixed with the application of hard wax. It can be a symptom of not enough oil, in which case after filling with the wax, give the tops another couple of coats of finishing oil. If this occurs around the sink area, then immediately re-oil at least twice.

Standing hot mugs on wooden worktops

Yes. Our wooden worktops will withstand the heat from a hot cup or mug with no problems, but we recommend that you do not place any pan or dish straight from the oven directly on your wooden worktops. We recommend our end grain blocks as worktop protectors. They are incredibly durable and hard-wearing and make excellent trivets for hot pans.

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Chopping on wooden worktops

Ideally no. A fully oiled hardwood worktop does make for a hard-wearing work surface but we do recommend the use of our wooden chopping boards and end grain chopping blocks when chopping and not to cut directly on the worktop surface. However, if the worktops do become scratched this isn't a problem as scratches can be removed with a light sanding and a coat of oil.

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