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Brand New Solid Wood Home Accessories.

It has been a busy beginning of spring here at Norfolk Oak with the launch of a couple of new products and lots of exciting things planned for the coming months, such a refurbished showroom that will feature brand new kitchens, worktops and furniture!

Two of the new products we have recently launched are part of our home accessories collection, a rather diverse range of items that truly enhance your home, and even your garden too with the warmth and beauty of wood.


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Norfolk Oak’s Winter Clearance Event

On occasion, Norfolk Oak will manufacture completely bespoke products for photo-shoots and design shows as well as for display in our showroom. All of these made-to-measure pieces will be beautifully crafted with many tailor-made options as a showcase of the work we regularly create for clients all over the country.

We have recently updated our clearance event to include many gorgeous and unique accessories for your kitchen as well as around your home. Every item is in great condition, but being the perfectionists that we are, we will restore the item’s finish to brand new.

Within our selection of clearance items, you will find a delightful mix of furniture pieces for all rooms of your house.

Prices start from just £35, and chopping boards from £45, like this Maple chopping board with rounded edges.

maple chopping board

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The Benefits of Wooden Worktops

If you’re reading this blog, you probably prefer real quality; the quality that lasts for decades, the quality that never loses its lustre, and the quality that proves its hardiness overtime.

With the industry inundated with new composite materials, having your kitchen completely lead by the design rather than by material choice is much easier to achieve than ever before.

But before you take the plunge on a man-made surface, consider the simple, natural elegance of a timber worktop gently warming your kitchen. Quite a refreshing feeling compared to the slightly soulless man-made surfaces.

oak worktop

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Let Norfolk Oak Provide You With A Red-Hot Fire That’s Sustainably Sourced Too…

How does the song go again? “Oh… the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…”. Ok, it may not yet be the time for bellowing out the Christmas songs but thanks to a recent brief clash with a hurricane, the weather is showing signs that the impending chill is well on its way.

Since the weather is being a tad frightful, why not make your fire quite delightful with our hardwood briquettes. By ‘delightful’, I mean gloriously red-hot and virtually smoke-less, with no residual ash or burns left behind. Our hardwood briquettes burn just as hot as coal and last longer than your typical logs resulting in no more smoking out the house, nor having to constantly pile softwood briquettes or logs onto the fire. Especially when you’ve just settled into that bit of your sofa.

hardwood briquettes fire

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