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Sample Our Beautiful Timbers

We love working with different timbers to create our beautiful bespoke worktops.  As a final step in completing a kitchen, our wooden worktops really make your room stand out from the crowd. But of course, we understand that our customers like to see things for themselves before they place their order. Whilst we encourage wholeheartedly that you visit our beautiful showroom in West Raynham, we do appreciate that this is not always possible and thus we offer the opportunity to purchase samples of our worktops, to be delivered to your home.

Our samples allow you to see the different wood types, grain patterns and finish options available. By purchasing our samples first, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision about what material you would prefer to use for your kitchen worktop and know that you have explored all possible options.

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Creating a Timeless Kitchen With Norfolk Oak

When choosing a new kitchen for your home, choosing a worktop is one of the most important final decisions that can be made. Even if the rest of your kitchen is absolutely perfect, choosing a worktop that isn’t right for your kitchen can just make the whole room look wrong.

Timber worktops add a beautiful timeless aspect to any kitchen. Along with being an incredibly strong and hard-wearing material, timber worktops will forever look timeless and elegant in a kitchen. They add a level of class that is almost un-achievable with any other material. To ensure that the rest of your kitchen is as perfect as your worktop, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that you will never want to change your kitchen again.

If you have decided on having a painted kitchen, the colour you choose is one of the most important choices you can make for the room. Choosing a colour from the neutral spectrum is a way to ensure that you will forever love your kitchen as the colour will never go out of style. But colours don’t just have to be neutral to make a kitchen look beautiful, as rich, bolder colours can look incredible especially when combined with timber. The Ladbroke Kitchen below is a stunning example of how combining bold colours and timber can create a beautifully sophisticated space that despite being contemporary, is still incredibly timeless.

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A Helping Hand With Choosing Your Worktop

It is automatically assumed that having lots of choice is always a better option, but sometimes choice can actually be a very confusing thing. Whilst choosing between hundreds of brands in your local supermarket is generally a choice that we can make without a large amount of  time or effort going into the decision, there are certain times when having too much choice can be very overwhelming. And when that choice involves a large investment of time and money, too much choice can almost put you off purchasing.

So when it comes to choosing your perfect worktop for your kitchen, we’ve created this blog post to help you make that choice slightly easier. The first thing you need to decide on is what material you want for your surface. For this we would recommend a few different materials for consideration, including; Marble, Quartz or Solid hardwood. We are by no means experts in Marble or Quartz, but after years of recommending these materials to our kitchen clients, we’ve learnt a few things over time that may help you. Solid hardwood however, is where our skills really shine.

Carrara Marble is a worktop material that we often recommend to our clients through our sister company- Naked Kitchens- as it is a beautiful material that really makes a statement in a kitchen. Created in the Italian region of Carrara, this marble, when simply polished to give a high shine can be a work of art, and the elegant look of this material will forever make your kitchen look timeless. The naturally low temperature of this surface is also perfect for baking.
However, there are certain things that can impact the beauty of this material; anything acidic will mark the surface, so spillages have to be wiped up quickly. Care should be taken with liquids such as red wine, coffee and juice, as these can easily stain the marble. The surface can also easily be scratched with heavy items or sharp metals, so whilst the material is beautifully strong, it cannot be taken for granted that it will never mark. But we think that sometimes this is where the beauty truly lies in a kitchen; seeing marks where children have spilt their drinks or guests have forgotten to use that coaster you insisted upon them, really shows the love and happiness that has happened within a kitchen.

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Get Ready For Winter With Norfolk Oak

With the British Summer doing its typical performance of acting more like Autumn/Winter, it’s already got many of us thinking about cosy blankets and open fires. And here at Norfolk Oak we’ve got the perfect thing to help you get that fire roaring- our Briquettes.

Whilst not quite as glamorous as our bespoke worktops, our briquettes are a waste by-product of the sawdust and shavings from our bespoke worktops and furniture, meaning the briquettes are composed only of the highest quality hardwood that we use. We don’t add any cheap materials to bulk out our briquettes like soft wood or cardboard meaning they do not fall apart or degrade. They actually burn a hot and slow fire, just as well as high quality coal.


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New England Timber

Whilst some of you may already know lots of information about Norfolk Oak- the move from Anmer Hall to West Raynham Business Park, the creation of our sister businesses- Naked Kitchens and Naked Doors- one thing that we don’t talk about enough is where our timber comes from.

New England is one of the most beautiful parts of the world with incredible forestry wherever you turn. The region is instantly recognisable in the fall for its autumnal colour palette of rich blues, burnt oranges and bright forest greens. An area that is rich with history and scenic villages, there is a wealth of things to see here, and its easy to see why we chose this area to source our timber from.

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Brand New Solid Wood Home Accessories.

It has been a busy beginning of spring here at Norfolk Oak with the launch of a couple of new products and lots of exciting things planned for the coming months, such a refurbished showroom that will feature brand new kitchens, worktops and furniture!

Two of the new products we have recently launched are part of our home accessories collection, a rather diverse range of items that truly enhance your home, and even your garden too with the warmth and beauty of wood.


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