drainage grooves oak worktop

This solid Oak worktop has just had drainage grooves precision cut into the top surface along with a cut-out for a sink. A smart pencil-edge has been crafted into the worktop to add that extra touch of bespoke elegance.

nano-coating an iroko worktop

Iroko is a naturally oily timber but this customer wanted the added protection of our innovative nano-coat treatment. Here you can see the very first coat being carefully applied. Once dry, this worktop will receive a few more coats including a top seal to ensure a durable, natural looking layer.

bespoke curves on oak worktop

This beautifully crafted Oak worktop has this rather unique curve. Due to our advanced design software and manufacturing technology, we can create worktops or furniture to any shape or size.

oiling iroko end grain worktop

This end grain worktop, made from Iroko, is recieving the first coat of our pre-installation oiling. Our oiling method has been blended with age-old experience and modern oiling technology, resulting in a beautiful finish with lasting protection.

oak end grain trolley

Created out of our White Oak, this end grain unit comes without a handle or drawerknob so you can add your own distinctive touch. These butcher’s block units will be nano-coated before delivery, keeping dust, marks and water at bay.