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Brand New Solid Wood Home Accessories.

It has been a busy beginning of spring here at Norfolk Oak with the launch of a couple of new products and lots of exciting things planned for the coming months, such a refurbished showroom that will feature brand new kitchens, worktops and furniture! Two of the new products we have recently launched are part of our home accessories collection, a rather diverse range of items that truly enhance your.. Read More

How We Create Our Bespoke Wooden Worktops

As a manufacturer of bespoke hardwood joinery, we at Norfolk Oak create our wooden worktops completely from scratch. Differing from much of the worktop companies out there, our worktops are truly bespoke featuring hand-picked timber that is bonded together and tailored to your specifications, all within our Hangar located in the heart of Norfolk.

Norfolk Oak’s Winter Clearance Event

On occasion, Norfolk Oak will manufacture completely bespoke products for photo-shoots and design shows as well as for display in our showroom. All of these made-to-measure pieces will be beautifully crafted with many tailor-made options as a showcase of the work we regularly create for clients all over the country. We have recently updated our clearance event to include many gorgeous and unique accessories for your kitchen as well as.. Read More

Kitchen Assistants For Christmas

With less than a handful of weeks between now and Christmas, many of us are beginning to see our calendars fill up with family and friend gatherings, lunches and dinners. This is the time when your kitchen can take a bit of a hammering without the right accessories to keep things flowing in and out of the heart of your home.

The Benefits of Wooden Worktops

If you’re reading this blog, you probably prefer real quality; the quality that lasts for decades, the quality that never loses its lustre, and the quality that proves its hardiness overtime. With the industry inundated with new composite materials, having your kitchen completely lead by the design rather than by material choice is much easier to achieve than ever before. But before you take the plunge on a man-made surface, consider.. Read More

Let Norfolk Oak Provide You With A Red-Hot Fire That’s Sustainably Sourced Too…

How does the song go again? “Oh… the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…”. Ok, it may not yet be the time for bellowing out the Christmas songs but thanks to a recent brief clash with a hurricane, the weather is showing signs that the impending chill is well on its way. Since the weather is being a tad frightful, why not make your fire quite.. Read More

Norfolk Oak’s Whitewash Worktops

Originally used through-out the farm industry and in workers’ cottages to provide a protective layer against the elements, white-washing (also known as lime-washing) offers a timeless, rustic touch to your wooden kitchen worktops.

Planning For Your Kitchen Worktop Part 2

Treat Your Timber Wood is a natural product, which moves to acclimatise to the environment it is in. This movement is completely normal and expected, limiting this is the key to a perfectly fitting worktop. Correctly sealing a wooden worktop is the first point of call, using Danish or finishing oil is recommended by us due to the resistant properties they contain to water. Applying this yourself is such a.. Read More

Planning For Your Kitchen Worktop

Your Style, Your Choice Choosing your wooden worktop tends to boil down to a couple of points: personal creativity, the lifestyle you live, and the style and colour of your kitchen. Picking the right timber for you is vital to successfully creating the look you desire. With an enticing array of beautiful, sustainably-sourced timbers that range from classic Appalachian White Oak to the elegant North American Black Walnut, your kitchen.. Read More

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