Timber comes in all different shades, shapes and sizes. Norfolk oak provides eight different timbers of which are split into light and dark. Doing this helps stress the individuality of each type making it easier for you to confirm your choice.

To begin with American white oak worktops are sourced from the Northern Appalachian Mountains. The oak is extremely durable and possesses a beautiful tight grain structure. Oak worktops work immaculately in a traditional setting especially when matched with oak knobs that are turned from the same timber. There are three styles which Norfolk oak offer with this oak, each unique and inviting.

oak worktop

Butcher’s block style Oak worktops are also known as wide block worktops. There are many shorter planks which are selected and inserted together to make up this style, there are many joints so that the staves are able to be as wide as possible whilst still keeping it together. Having this lovely worktop has its advantages, worktops can contain many different grains, depending on the amount of different planks used, that way there is greater and a wider range of texture and adds character.

Wide planked Oak worktops are known as traditional plank worktops. This is very similar to planking that you would see on a floorboard. Unlike the super stave, the plank contains joints so Norfolk oak can keep the staves as wide as possible, allowing you to see more of the grain pattern.

Full single stave Oak worktops are know as super stave. These contain long wide planks which makeup the worktop and run the whole length of the worktop with no joins.  This is an advantage as you can see the entire length of the timber and the grain is clearly visible, therefore showing the best qualities of this worktop.

Oak possesses incredible strength, consistent colour and a delicate grain pattern; oak worktops are brilliant where you need light reflecting back. It will help bring together with a wide range of kitchen units, classic and all.

oak worktops

All oak worktops can be pre-oiled, having done this it will help sustain the worktop. To complete this the oak is left to soak in a large secure container of linseed oil, it will remain therefore up to 48 hours. Results will then show a matt finish and a glorious finalized oak worktop.

After the final product has been produced and oiled in linseed in our hot oil dip tank, it is then ready to be installed straight away, making the process easier for you to add the finishing touches by applying the final coats.