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full stave walnut worktops

A walnut full stave worktop from Norfolk Oak is unique. Known as Super Stave, you will immediately notice that our full stave worktops are completely different to any other retailer. Constructed with large, wide, full staves which run the entire length of the worktop, they are quite stunning.

Norfolk Oak is the only company to make walnut super stave worktops over four metres long with full stave planks, so you can imagine the quality of timber required to make these full stave worktops must be simply the finest; FAS or furniture grade. Only by running enormous quantities of this FAS walnut timber do we find enough planks to make a handful of these full stave worktops. Indeed, from 100 tons of FAS grade walnut timber, which itself has already been selected from 750 tons of raw walnut, we only get enough to make a handful of these super long full stave worktops making each of our super stave walnut worktops unique.

Even when sanding, the quality of the timber in our full stave walnut worktops shows through. A few runs with a sander makes the surface glow and shine, but adding oil to a clean sanded surface is a revelation. Just like watching an old black and white photograph become exposed in the silver halide tank, the oil suddenly brings the grain to life. In fact a Black Walnut worktop will continue to darken for a few months. The grain will stand out more and the inner beauty of the walnut will be increasingly enhanced.

We make worktops to all shapes and sizes. We also offer many customisations, such as worktop edging and sink and hob cutouts. Visit our Bespoke Services page for more information.

full stave walnut worktops

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