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bespoke worktop service

We can offer pretty much anything you can imagine that can be done with a wooden worktop. Bespoke doesn't just mean sink cut outs, it can be oversized breakfast bars, large curves or complete circles - we make bespoke wooden worktops to any shape and size. Below is a list of some of the options we offer. If you have more specific requirements in mind, would like to receive a complete quotation or have any questions please feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

Installation Oiling Service

All hardwood worktops must receive some form of moisture repellent treatment prior to use, this protects the timber and ensures your worktops' longevity. If you would like the reassurance of us treating your wooden worktops or if you simply don't have the time or means to do this yourself, we offer a pre-treatment service.

£35 per metre*

Read more about our pre-installation oiling service.

installation oil treatment

Nano-coating Treatment

An alternative to an oiled finish is our nano-coating treatment.

Extremely hard-wearing and very low maintenance, our Nano-Coating Treatment is the ideal choice for heavy use worktops and bar tops. With have tested this treatment by exposing to temperatures of 250°C, prolonged contact with wet metal (a sure-fire way to stain untreated oak) and by submerging timber completely in water, with no adverse effects. We recommend and use our nano-coating treatment for a variety of commercial projects - previous projects include the bar tops in the Royal Albert Hall.

£77 per metre*

nano-coating treatment

Alternatively, we can supply your wooden worktops untreated ready for you to apply your choice of finish. Please bear in mind that every part of your worktops must receive a full treatment, this includes the edges and underside. For home application we recommend our worktop finishing oil, it is £18 a litre, which is enough to finish one three metre long worktop. Full oiling instructions are provided with your order.

* Based on one metre of 600 mm wide worktop.

upstands (splash-backs)

Wooden upstands provide a wonderful aesthetic to the back edge of your kitchen worktop. However the secret benefit of wooden upstands is covering up all sorts of problems; walls which aren't straight, corners which are never quite 90 degrees. Fixing wooden upstands has been made simple with the advent of 'no more nails' glue - push the wooden upstand into place, hold firmly for a couple of minutes and that's it.

Length Wooden Upstands
1 metre £32
2 metres £59

Our wooden upstands are available in 1 metre and 2 metre lengths, in each of our timbers and measure 20 mm thick and approximately 70 mm tall.

Please ask for sizes over 2m or other custom sizes.

Walnut upstands are available up to 2.6m in length. Please ask for other custom sizes.

upstands (splash-backs)

hob & sink cutouts

We can produce sink and hob cutouts to any shape and size. We can work from exact measurements or templates provided when purchasing a new sink or hob.

Cutout Type Price
Over-mounted Sink £75
Under-mounted Sink £125
Under-mounted 1 1/2 Bowl Sink £145
Hob £75

Whatever kitchen sink you desire, we are able to produce the corresponding sink cutout. Shown here are two typical examples, firstly a stainless steel under-mounted sink, shown to the right, in one of our Oak Super Stave worktops, and secondly a ceramic butler sink also in our Oak Super Stave.

hob & sink cutouts

drainage grooves

Drainage grooves make a great addition to any under-mounted sink allowing the free flow of excess water into your sink when washing up.

£ 58 per set

drainage grooves


Edging Type Price Per Metre
Standard Pencil Top Only £8
Standard Pencil Top & Bottom £16
Bull Nose £16
Chamfer Top Only £8
Chamfer Top & Bottom £16
Square no charge

We offer a range of edging styles to compliment your wooden worktops. As standard our wooden worktops are supplied with square edges, whilst this creates a very clean and defined look, this won't however be to everyone's tastes. As a guide, a standard pencil edging is enough to soften the edges of a worktop and is what we would recommend for most environments.

We are able to produce a range of different edging types on request.
Please contact us if you have any edging in mind that is not listed.


end caps

Worktop End Caps protect the ends of your wooden worktop where they meet a constant heat cooker such as an AGA or range cooker. They also provide a great aesthetic finish to the ends of your wooden worktop.

End Cap Type Price Per End Cap
(Including End Cap Fitting)
100 mm wide
(suited to Super Stave & Plank worktops)
end caps

radius corners & curves

Radius Size Price
up to 50 mm £15
51 mm to 250 mm £25
over 250 mm £35

Radius corners provide an attractive finish to your worktops, whether part of an overall design or simply to remove a sharp corner. As a guide, 40 mm is about right for the internal corners of a Belfast sink and 10 to 20 mm is great for rounding off the corner of a worktop where it might otherwise present a sharp point.

radius corners

butt joins

£48 per butt join (includes worktop connector bolts)

When two wooden worktops meet they require a method to join them. For this we recommend using a 90 degree butt join. Specially shaped bolt holes are routed out in the underside of your wooden worktops. This allows the fitting of worktop connector bolts designed to pull your worktops together to aid in the joining of the two separate worktops.

When joining two worktops we recommend the use of a clear silicone sealant between the worktops. This creates a flexible, waterproof joint that can be easily separated should the worktops need to be removed for any reason (maybe taking them with you if you move home!)

butt joins

drop down end panels

Assembly Options Price
Mitre cuts only (i.e. 2 x 45 degree cuts) £75
Mitre cuts prepared for self-assembly £115
Fully assembled (glued, screwed and plugged) £150

Our 45 degree mitred end panels are something of a Norfolk Oak specialty. A great way to finish the ends of your kitchen units in a contemporary kitchen. Use at both ends of an island unit for a really bold statement.

When joining two worktops we recommend the use of a clear silicone sealant between the worktops. This creates a flexible, waterproof joint that can be easily separated should the worktops need to be removed for any reason (maybe taking them with you if you move home!)

Please note when ordered the fully assembled option, please remember to consider the extra room required for manoeuvring the worktop into place.

drop down end panels

moisture barriers

£18 per moisture barrier (one needed per appliance)

Thick, extruded Aluminium sheet that is fixed to the underside of your wooden worktop to protect against any moisture given off from dishwashers and washing machines situated under your wooden worktops.

moisture barriers

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