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Proudly made in Norfolk
Oak wide stave worktops
Oak Super Stave Worktop
oak full width stave worktops
Oak Super Stave Worktop
oak super stave worktops
Oak Super Stave Worktop

Full stave oak worktops

At Norfolk Oak, we design and manufacture the ultimate full stave oak worktops known as Super Stave. Long, continuous, wide staves up to 250 mm in width that run the entire length of the worktop. Typically expect to find around 4 to 5 full wide staves in an average worktop width of around 640 mm. Our Super Stave oak worktops are the embodiment of everything we do at Norfolk Oak. We hand select planks, from what can only be described as the finest furniture grade oak in the first place, to create single full stave worktops with stave widths averaging 160mm to 200mm - the effects are stunning. In a super stave oak worktop, these wide staves run the entire length of the worktop. All of our single full stave oak worktops are made right here, in sunny Norfolk.

single stave oak worktop

At Norfolk Oak we exclusively use American White Oak, the hardest and most beautiful of all the oaks around the world, for our single wide stave worktops. The very best comes from Northern Ohio, and for us that means close to Lake Erie. Here the combination of four distinct seasons, especially incredibly harsh winters, make for perfect growing conditions. Creating Super Stave oak worktops with large, full, wide staves is all about attention to detail. Of this detail, the single most critical element of the entire process is drying the timber. We take much longer drying our timber then even the best timber merchants in the USA. It's not that even the best have low standards, it's just that no one can match ours. Having painstakingly dried our Oak, we then keep all of our wide stave material in humidity controlled environments. Meticulous attention to detail, yes, but why do anything less.

single stave oak planks drying

When machining our single stave oak, we use our state of the art equipment to guarantee glue edges so precise there is less than 1/20 of a millimetre variance over a 6 m length. Our automated clamp carrier then exerts around three tons per linear metre, ensuring these glue lines never fail. To finish it off, the single stave oak worktops go through our enormous calibrating wide belt sander, and then through our three head finishing sander. At this point, they are ready for customising to your requirements.

single stave oak in production

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