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mahogany super stave worktops

Mahogany Worktops

At Norfolk Oak we design and manufacture the highest quality solid Mahogany kitchen worktops. Constructed using the finest furniture grade African Utile Mahogany, with its rich colour and interesting grain patterns, it's a great choice for really beautiful kitchen worktops.

Please read our About Our Mahogany to learn more about our Mahogany worktops.

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Mahogany Worktop Style

mahogany worktop styles

We produce our Mahogany worktops in two different styles:

3. Super Stave Mahogany WorktopsSuper Stave mahogany Worktop Style

Full, single stave Mahogany worktops with wide, long planks. Very much the Rolls-Royce of Mahogany worktops! Super stave worktops have become something of a Norfolk Oak signature. Continuous, wide planks of timber running the whole length of your wooden worktop, really showing off the beautiful grain patterns of our furniture grade Mahogany.

Thicknesses available: 40mm.

Whether your requirements are based on aesthetics, budget or a combination of both, we have an Mahogany worktop style to suit. We construct every worktop ourselves, made to order, to your exact sizes. Please feel free to use our price calculator for pricing on almost any sized Mahogany worktop.

About our Mahogany

about our mahogany timber


Utile Mahogany is part of a group of African timbers with a dark reddish-brown hue and an interlocking grain structure, giving it bands of alternating light and dark shades. It is a close relative of Sapele but with a more mellow colouring and pattern. Our Mahogany is a strong and durable hardwood well suited to a kitchen environment with a density comparable to our hard Maple.

We select our Utile Mahogany raw timber only from FSCĀ® certified sources to guarantee that the forests in which it is grown are responsibly managed. This means ensuring the longevity of these forests as well as protecting the social and economic well-being of the surrounding areas. In a continent such as Africa, where exploitation is still commonplace, this obviously couldn't be more important. We don't use unethically sourced timber and neither should anyone else.

Bespoke Styling

mahogany worktop styles

We can make almost any size and shape Mahogany worktop you need. You can enter your desired measurements in our quote calculator above for a custom quotation on almost any sized Mahogany worktop in any of of three styles. If you would like to discuss specific worktop sizes or shape requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

bespoke radius corner
Radius Corners
bespoke drainage grooves
Drainage Grooves
bespoke worktop edging
worktop drop down mitre, drop down panel
Drop down mitre

As standard, our Mahogany worktops will arrive square edged, sanded smooth and ready to oil, however we offer many bespoke customisations; such as sink and hob cut-outs, worktop edging and rounded corners.

Take a look at all the Bespoke Worktop Services we offer.

Worktop Finishing

oiling wooden worktops

Installation Oiling
If you would like the reassurance of us pre-oiling your mahogany worktops, we can do so with our installation oiling service. Your mahogany worktops will then arrive ready for you to install as soon as you receive them. Read more about our Installation Oiling Service.

Nano Coating
Nano-coating is a 2 Part Process. The first application consists of 2 separate coatings, which are designed to react and bind with the timber. This treatment alone is not enough to protect timber but when combined with the second application, it protects the initial coat and forms a barrier against soap and alcohol etc. This second coating is water/scratch resistant, the daily wear and tear from sticky and wet glasses will prove the resilience of our nano coating.

If you have more specific requirements in mind or would like to know what to do to receive a complete quotation please contact us.

White Wash
A popular traditional wood finishing effect, whitewash worktops add a wonderfully rustic style to your kitchen. Depending on what finish you choose, our whitewash can be applied during pre-installation oiling or with our advanced nano-coating treatment.

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