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butchers block worktops

Here at Norfolk Oak, we design and manufacture the ultimate butchers block worktops known as Wide Block. Consisting of beautiful, wide jointed staves of random widths between 60 mm and 120 mm. Expect to find around 8 to 10 staves across the width of an average wide block worktop of around 640 mm.

A Norfolk Oak Wide Block Worktop is unique. You will immediately notice the huge difference our wide staves make over narrow ones of 40 mm or less butchers block worktops. For a start, the beauty of the grain is immediately apparent. Instead of 16 to 30 little bits of wood across the width of a butchers block worktop, you get 8 to 10 beautiful pieces of timber which show the real splendour of wood. Our walnut and oak worktops are available in wide block style.

butchers block oak worktop

Very few customers actually know the only reason mass market butchers block worktops are made with narrow blocks; the quality of the timber they start with is so low there is literally nothing else they can make from it. All the good grades go first to fine furniture (which is what we use), then to kitchen cabinet doors and lower grade furniture, then to building type products, and finally, what's left can only be cut up in to small pieces, finger jointed and made in to products like poor quality butchers block worktops.

We make butchers block worktops to all shapes and sizes. We also offer many customisations, such as worktop edging and sink and hob cutouts. Visit our Bespoke Services page for more information.

butchers block walnut worktop

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